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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

American Idol’s Bad Girl Antonella Barba

Tonight begins the women’s portion of the singing competition we like to call American Idol. It’s not really a singing competition so much as it is a popularity contest with people who can sing, but who cares.

It’s fun, mindless and repetitive - just like television should be.

Season six’s controversy revolves around New Jersey girl Antonella Barba. Risque photos of Barba surfaced on the web shortly after it was announced she made the final 24 cut. The photos include Barba sitting on the toilet, flipping the bird, posing topless (hands covering her breasts) and engaging in underage drinking. Not exactly what a potential Idol wants floating around when her fate depends on the perception and votes of others.

Antonella, 20, first made her appearance on American Idol at the New York auditions with her best friend Amanda, who did not make it past Hollywood week. There was also some Hollywood week controversy regarding Antonella and Amanda’s contribution to the elimination of another contestant, Baylie Brown. Apparently Amanda, was more interested in flirting with boys than practicing with her group and when crunch time came, Baylie flubbed her lyrics despite her efforts to practice with her group. Baylie was cut, but not before Amanda made it through and stated the reason was because ”God likes good people.” But he apparently doesn’t like self-righteous whores, as Amanda was soon cut as well. Ha, to the ha, ha, ha.

Back to Antonella. If I remember correctly she has a nice voice, but can her breast size, looks and voice get her past, well, her past. While I am not entirely sure who posted these pics of Antonella, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was one her pals, as these pics are not the work of paparazzi, but rather close pals. I don’t know about you, but I only let very close friends take pics of me popping a squat on the crapper.

It may have been Amanda who leaked the pics. She sounds like a really “special” person. And when I say special, I mean someone who needs a my heel planted in their grill.

Now, all we can do is wait and see how it all plays out. I am wondering if Ryan Seacrest will treat us to some bathroom humor to lighten things up. Or, if that fails he can start a slap fight with Simon. You know those two like to talk makeup and fashion in the greenroom.

UPDATE: Antonella did the most horrible rock song ever, Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing.” I don’t know why anyone would ever want to cover that song, as it sucked when they did it and every version since has sucked. But the good news according to Simon was: “You’re attractive.” The bad news: she blew it. She blew it and she blew it hard. She blew it like Paris with an 8-ball, a stiff wang and a full night a head of her. It was like the judges wanted her to suck and were relieved when she did. I will be unpleasantly surprised if she makes it through to next week. Being pretty should NEVER be enough to win AI. Just ask Fantasia.



Anonymous said...

You completely stole my post from my site and I don't see a link back to the original. WTF? You can get sued for that. Where's the friggin' link?


CODE LOVE said...

Sorry about that. Please forgive me. I just edit link. Thank you.

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