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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Antonella Barba Nude Photos: 'No Regrets' Says Fallen American Idol

Antonella Barba Nude Photos: 'No Regrets' Says Fallen American Idol

By Lynda Johnson
Mar 13, 2007

She has no regrets. She may now be known as the bad girl of American idol but 20-year old Antonella Barba says she has learned from her experience with the show, the internet photos and the intense media scrutiny she has been under for the last few weeks since some racy photos of her were leaked to the Internet. She appeared with Simon Cowell's sweetie Terri Seymour on the syndicated nightly entertainment news show 'Extra' last night and spilled.

Extra reports: While Antonella was only one of four to get the boot, her story is different as she was ousted amid a raging scandal over racy photos of her that had surfaced all over the internet.

And although the pictures have generated an unmatchable amount of buzz, Antonella maintains she’s upset by the leak of her personal memories. “These things weren’t meant for the public eye. They were private, they were personal and I wish I knew who did it,” Barba said. “I would really like to know.”


“In retrospect I’m embarrassed over a few things I did, but I don’t regret it because I learned from it. So at least I’m coming out having learned a lot,” she dished to Terri. And Antonella also revealed that she felt comforted when Mr. Mean, Simon Cowell, actually spoke up for her on the show.

“I feel for you because you’ve taken a lot of stick in the media,” Simon said during her last “Idol” appearance. “I definitely appreciated that when Simon said it,” Barba confessed.

As for where her “Idol” exposure will take her next, Antonella admitted, “This has opened so many doors and I don’t even know how many doors it’s opened yet.”


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