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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Case Against Antonella Barba

The Case Against Antonella Barba

Everybody seems to love Antonella Barba. She’s the darling of America. At the very least, she seems to be the Idol contestant that everyone is talking about these days. Why? Well, there’s one simply answer: Antonella Barba is hot.

But “hot” does not make the next American Idol. Here, we make the case that Antonella Barba should not be the 2007 American Idol winner. No, in our eyes, she shouldn’t even be in the competition any more.

1. Antonella Barba can’t take the heat

Anybody else notice that of all the top 24 contestants, Barba was the most flustered. Her pitch was way off the whole time, she was noticably nervous (nervousness itself isn’t a problem unless it hampers your ability to perform). Then, when she started getting nailed by Simon, she totally choked up and became pathetically defensive.

2. Is Antonella Barba a whore?

Well, maybe that’s a little strong. But take a look. First off, we have pictures of Antonella Barba Topless. That’t not so bad. But then we see pictures surface on the internet of Atonella Barba having naked sex. We had a post here at TV Crunch of one such picture that we were quickly forced to remove. In our opionion, the best collection of shocking nude Antonella Barba pictures, blow job, fountain, wet t-shirt and all can be found here. On top of that, there are numerous pictures around the net of Barba in provocative and seductive poses with other girls, drinking, and partying like she was Miss USA! The point of all this isn’t to be judgemental, but to simply expose the fact that Barba isn’t this innocent Jersey girl that she’s been trying to portray.

3. Antonella Barba can’t perform

She just isn’t that good at singing and performing. She’s rigid and tense. She doesn’t move around the stage well. As the judges pointed out last week, she picked a song that was too big for her voice. But what they failed to point out was that most songs will be too big for her voice.

Considering these 3 points, I fail to see how America can continue to embrace Antonella Barba for much longer. As the truth about her voice, her naked and raunchy adventures, and her generally poor performance under pressure gets exposed, America won’t be able to stand her any longer.

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