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Friday, March 2, 2007

The Truth about Antonella Barba

The Truth about Antonella Barba
Written by David Krug

A few weeks after I landed in New York I met this crazy chick Antonella Barba at a nightclub. A typical Jersey girl. A freak in the sack, could eat a whole pizza with one fist and can drink me under the table.

No suprises here. Antonella was amazing to be around. Funny kinky but totally lost in her own little world. Regardless of all the rumors I can assure you there was no crazy blowjobs, and no wet t-shirts, she could sing like a horse and dance like a pig. And her name was Antonella Barba. So I don’t know what all this photoshop web rumor nonsense is all about. I’m not even sure Antonella Barba can sing.

But let me tell you what. She could sure wipe a nice ass.


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